Exclusivity, originality, refined design

Secret is an exclusive high-end champaign that was crafted by an absolutely independent brand that voluntarily remains anonymous.

The combination of sight and taste triggers a modern harmony, where beauty and savor now inseparable, generate unmatched emotions.

The haute-couture pink of this first cuvée signals a great rosé. A hundred per cent pinot noir bled rosé. Under this minimalist sheath, Secret announces rare moments…

A cubist casket for a sleek design

A black rectangular case of disconcerting lightness and peach-skin feel. A cubic deconstruction, a
conceptual architecture.


Pampered in this nomadic casket as none other, Secret accompanies champagne lovers to their wildest getaways without hiding its frailty.

The elegance of a ponctuation mark of modern typography prolongs the mystery. A question mark as a label that announces a genealogy of rare cuvées. This is the birth of Secret champagne.

I have grown to love secrecy. It seems to be the one thing that can make modern life mysterious or marvelous to us.

Oscar Wilde

Black is the sign of its elegance

The slender and majestic bottle is eye-catching, arouses curiosity and provokes the need to share its unbelievable black-draped Secret which reflects its sobriety and its discretion, a token of its exclusitity. Laying hands on it means feeling this strange tactile complicity with the polished silky velvety glass.


Secret invites you over for a tasting without bias, references or prejudice.

Secret has been carefully crafted to respect the heritage logic of champagne while unsettling codes and norms of presentation and tasting. Its unique aesthetics seduces with its modernity and

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